The Pursue Of Dreams

She was born in Jakarta in 1983, Her Forte in the Arts of Dressmaking sharpened when she was graduated from Susan Budiharjo Fashion School and honored as best students in 2010. Since then, it didn't take too long for her reputation to rise to power as her dreams began to come true.

The Inventiveness Realization

The year 2011 marked her entry into Indonesia's fashion industry. Her first fashion show was for 'EMOTION' in Jakarta by exhibiting her collection 'FEDORE' for childrens clothing, collaborated with other Indonesian designer. In 2012 she was invited as one of ten promising designers to show on 'Comic Spell', an exclusive fashion show held by Susan Budiharjo Fashion School. In the same yeas she opened her Couture Atelier in Jakarta named "Jessica Dora Couture" and presented her collection to a public of a women.

From Jakarta With Love

She knows heart speaks for itself and can be reflected in any work. As her playground, in the Atelier she plays with fine materials and crafts fabulous designs that soon to be widely discovered by many Indonesian women.

Feminine Motivation

She builds her work upon her little girl fantasy. now a silhouette of women becomes her impulsion. Her feminine instinct is flowing to fabricate the ultimate dress every woman is crying for. She blends reality with her rich imagination for a woman's satisfaction. to her, it's priceless.